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Cello Students

Of All Ages

Attila Szasz has been playing cello for over 20 years.  He has an extensive educational background in music, earning a dual Bachelor’s degree in Cello Performance and Cello Education, and two Master’s degrees in Chamber Music (completed in Romania), and Cello Performance (completed in the USA).  Attila’s skill and love of the cello provided him with the opportunity to travel the world as a soloist, chamber musician, and orchestra member.

In 2015,  Attila opened his cello studio in Cary, NC to pursue his passion for teaching.  Every lesson he teaches is customized based on the age, skill level and learning pace of each individual student.  Lessons are provided in an enjoyable, supportive, and motivating environment where students of all ages can attain artistic growth and personal fulfillment.

Lesson Options

Children ages 8 and above are welcome to begin cello lessons. New cello students who have taken a year or more of piano lessons often hit the ground running much faster, and settle into lessons more comfortably than those who have had no prior music experience.

Whether you’ve always secretly dreamed of learning the cello, or you played it years ago, and want to pick up where you left off, Attila Szasz Cello Studio will offer you a welcoming and supportive space to continue your cello education and help you meet your musical goals, whatever they may be.

As students progress, they will be encouraged to participate in an ensemble to play with 3-5 other students of a similar skill level and age. The group will meet monthly to learn how to harmonize with one another and play chamber music.

We’ve been looking for a great cello teacher for our middle-school child. We were very pleased with Mr. Szasz’s detailed teaching that comes from every skilled angle combined with his agreeable personality, which created a wonderful interest in the student toward cello playing. We are also impressed by the teacher’s lesson management including a post-lesson…

Tinghui Xin

Attila is an amazing teacher. A year and a half ago he was teaching me how to sit and hold a cello, and now he is teaching me about the Bach cello suites.That is what is so wonderful about him. He encourages you to make progress and move forward in your lessons without being pushy.…

Megan Maloney

Attila is a wonderful teacher! As an adult student, I feel like I have improved through his fun and effective lessons. He has also been flexible and understanding when needed which is a necessary trait for adults balancing many other commitments. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their skills (or start!) cello.

Jeffery Combs

Attila is a great teacher! He is very patient and kind which I really appreciate since I went into these lessons knowing absolutely nothing about musical instruments! Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting to learn cello from a great guy!

Erica Pippen

I have been working with Attila for about a year and am very happy to be his student! He is a very patient and kind teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable in his craft. He helps me feel confident when things get a bit tough. I highly recommend him if you are learning to play Cello!…

Jennifer Moynihan Wynn

Do yourself a favor and get lessons with Attila. My daughter is a complete beginner to cello, but Attila is super-patient and great with her. He is challenging her to work hard and get ahead on her lessons. He has taken the time to tune and set up our cello so she can practice easily…

Kelly McIlhargey

Attila is a wonderful teacher. He is patient, he has a great sense of humor, and he makes learning the cello really fun no matter how slow or quick a learner you are. He fits a lot of instruction into our half hour, and what’s great is that he follows up our lesson with an…

Mary Piper Hansen

My 10-yr old son has been going to Attila for over 1 year. Attila is a great cello teacher; he’s very personable, a fabulous cellist, and he makes the lessons fun. My son really enjoys the lessons and he is learning quickly!

Ryan Gerber

I decided to pursue my dream of learning to play the cello starting later in life as an adult student. Initially I tried to teach myself using my musical background in piano but quickly learned there is so much more to playing the cello than being able to read music. Technique is a huge part…

Mel Symonds

Attila is a fantastic teacher and a wonderful cellist. I started taking lessons 5 months ago as an adult beginner student with a limited ability to sight read music. He’s been incredibly patient, while keeping lessons fun, engaging, and challenging. The ability to re-watch the recorded lesson has been helpful when practicing at home. It…

Caitlin Briggs

I recently started taking lessons with Attila, and he is fantastic! He is very patient with beginners and very knowledgeable. He also responds promptly to emails and is very professional. I had purchased my cello second hand, and a local music store estimated almost $1,000 of repairs. Attila was actually able to do two of…

Catherine Sharpe

My daughter has been taking cello lessons from Attila Szasz for several months. She enjoys her lessons and has quickly learned some of the cello basics. I observed that Attila is teaching good technique and helping my daughter develop a love of playing the cello. I also like his website for the studio. It is…


I’ve been taking lessons with Attila for a year now and he is an amazing teacher. He is patient, kind, and engaging with a talent for knowing how to keep a student motivated and progressing.

Arienna Lee

Now Offering Online Cello Lessons